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Day 8 - Treasure Hunt

Often on trips I expect and look for the treasure. I drove today through the North Carolina mountains on my way to Hot Springs, NC. It was a lovely fall day with all the colors that mother nature has to offer on such a day, in such a place. I was listening to Pandora, the Sweet Honey in the Rock station. Dancing and singing in my car while driving along side the rushing river I started to think about this land, this place and I started to think about the slaves that walk, ran, climbed the land looking for freedom and then

Nina Simone’s voice came through the speakers of my car singing I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free and she sang until the end of the song when I lost my internet signal. Blessed by Nina’s voice, this song, in this place where, not far from here she had her own music debut at 11years old.

The treasure hunt has begun. Thank you Nina for showing up for me here.


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