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Day 88 - Love is Exact

Who is the judge?

The judge is God.

Why is he God?

Because he decides whether I win or lose, not my opponent.

Who is your opponent?

He doesn't exist.

Why does he not exist?

Because he is just a mere dissenting voice to the truth I speak.

- The Great Debaters

I am a co-creator with the divine.

There is a divine order of things.

Everything that shows up for me is between me and God

and doesn’t have anything to do with anybody else.

Everybody else is just playing their part.

Nothing can show up in my presence that is not in service to me.

Who is God?

God is love.

Who is the judge

The judge does not exist

Why does he not exist?

Because God is love.

And love does not judge

Love is in service

Love is exact


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