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Day 94 - Keeping Our Promises

I often say that I keep my promises to spirit and spirit keeps its promises to me.

One of the promises that I made and kept to spirit was to complete my book, The InnerGround Railroad: A 40 Day Journey to Remembering Soul & Spirit. Keeping this promise took over 15 years but I am happy to say that the books will be delivered to us this Friday.

One of the ways that spirit keeps its promise to me is through the people that I get to work with, the people that I get to elder. Today that showed up for me through Prentiss Haney.

Prentiss started coaching with me about 5 years ago. During this time I have seen him take on his own healing. I’ve witnessed him leave no stone unturned. He has taken on his healing personally, in his close relationships, with his family, and at work.

He has been willing to ask the hard questions and speak some hard truths. When we were planning the 1st Fire & Water cohort Prentiss was one of the first to commit to the journey. Taking his healing even further.

But he didn’t stop there he took his growth and all that he has learned and started to integrate it into the organization that he co-directs helping the medicine to travel even further. And his light is so bright that others are noticing.

Today I witnessed him be given an Open Society Justice Rising Award. I felt it again, this is how spirit keeps its promise to me. Thank you Prentiss for doing your work. Thank you for trusting me and allowing me to travel some of your journey with you. I am a better person and a stronger elder because of you.


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