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Day 98 - Returning Home

Today I was blessed to be able to go see My Fair Lady. I was raised on musicals. I went to the School of Creative and Performing Arts from 7th grade until 12th grade. There I not only got the opportunity to be surrounded by musicals but all the arts.

The school was created with the intention of integration through the arts in response to a law suite that claimed that the school district was racially segregated. They found that the district was unintentionally segregated because the neighborhoods were segregated. So the school was created to allow voluntary busing as opposed to mandatory busing. They were under court mandate to have everything be racially balanced 49% White and 49% Black. The core group of teachers that co-created the school were Montessori trained so they had a deep understanding of community.

What the arts require of you is for you to bring what's inside out. There are some indigenous communities that don't have a word for art because it is thought to be spirit brought down to earth. Because of this we got to bear witness to each others hearts on a daily basis. We got to experience something unique together. They are family.

So, sitting in the theater watching this wonder musical. The amazing set design, the quality performances, the live orchestra, the dim lights, and the vibration of the music moving through by body takes me back home. I am so grateful.


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