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Day 52 - Forgive Now!

Forgive now!

Don’t wait!

Forgive everyone that you think has wronged you, including yourself.

Forgive not because they/you deserve it but because it’s your only way to freedom.

Forgive the guy who cut you off in traffic.

Forgive the person who took something from you.

Forgive the one who broke your heart.

Forgive murderers and rapist.

Forgive now!

Don’t wait!

What are you holding on to anyway?

What do you think it is doing to your body, your psyche, your spirit?

What do you think it is doing to all of us?

We are connected remember?

There is a belief that is held in some Hawaiian communities that says if someone is sick in the family the other family members responsibility in bringing them back to health is to forgive other’s in the family that they are holding resentment against. It is believed that the illness comes from the lack of forgiveness. It is believed that the sick one is carrying that pain, that wound for the rest of the family.

Forgiveness doesn’t mean forgetting but it does mean excepting what is, and no longer wishing that there were a different outcome. It means grieving what we wanted and releasing it for good so we can finally see the gift of the wound of that experience.

We are sick!

Forgive now!

Don’t wait!

Do you want to transform our world?

Do you want, peace, justice, and love all around you?

Do you want forgiveness for something you have done?

Forgive now!

Don’t wait!

All of our lives depend on it…


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