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Grateful for Whale Medicine

Since I was young whale medicine has followed me. Of course I didn’t know it then. All I knew was that I loved whales. More specifically I loved killed whales, orcas. My first time seeing one in person was at Sea World in northern Ohio. This is where I decided that I was going to be a marine biologist when I grew up. I was going to be friends with whales. I was going to feed them, talk to them, and most importantly I was going to ride on their backs. This was the stuff of my dreams. This was going to be my life as the Whale Rider. Some of you know how much I love the movie Whale Rider, this is some of why.

I didn’t know them that more importantly than the physical whale itself pursuing me was the medicine that comes with it. In the book Animal Speak Ted Andrews shares that the keynote for the whale are creation, power of song, and awakening inner depths. In Kim Krans The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit cards she notes that the whale brings desire to delve deeper, profound peace, and ancient wisdom. She also shares that when in balance: calm, steady, deeply compassionate. When out of balance: heavy, slips into old “story”. I feel this truth in my life.

Somewhere along the way I also learned from Jamie Sam's & David Carson's Medicine Cards that the whale teaches us how to work with sound and frequency. This medicine served me well as a vocal music major for years and now as I turn my attention back to song and singing I feel the whales circling me again.

This past month has been full of grief. Once again the whale have held me in the depths as I wailed and released what no longer serves me. And now they are with me as I step more into singing my unique song into the world.


Of mighty oceans,

You have seen it all.

Secrets of the ages are

Heard within your call.

Teach me how to hear your words,

And how to understand,

The very roots of history,

Of when our world began.

By Jamie Sam's & David Carson's Medicine Cards


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