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I Chose Me as Medusa

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

Saturday I was on the road driving home from a visit with friends. I had the sunroof open, and all the windows down in my car. Loving the feel of the wind. Noticing how my locs were blowing all over the place as I was singing along to the music. Imaging the sight from cars passing by.

Then I started to think about something I learned recently about Medusa. The story that I heard says that Medusa didn’t have snakes, the Greeks had just never seen dreadlocks before. And she didn’t really turn men to stone, they’d just be frozen in awe with her beauty.

It doesn’t matter to me if this story is true or not. I just love that I know that I get to choose which one I grab a hold of at any given moment.

And in that moment, me in my car with my hair blowing all over the place. Me in my car after standing in the beauty of so much love and truth in the days before. Me in my car loving the me that I was in that moment, joyful, beautiful, and freer then I have felt in a long time. I chose me.

I Chose Me

I chose Me.

I chose me as Medusa

A Black woman

Locs blowing wild

Dancing in my seat

Singing songs of praise

Joyful, beautiful, and Free


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1 Comment

I needed this part today: I chose me. Wild, dancing, singing. Joyful, beautiful, and Free. Yes. and Yes.

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