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I Say YES, My Recommitment

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

I was walking with my cousin yesterday and he reminded me of something our grandfather used to say, “When I finally realized that I was the one that needed prayed for everything changed.”

Today is my birthday, May 11th. I am 52 today. Two years ago I set off on a journey to connect with important people and places in my life. I also made a pledge to myself. It was what I was saying yes to now. Today, like last year, I decided to pull it out of the box on my altar to bring what has fallen into the background into the foreground. I have also added some things that fit with what I know now. Here it is:

I say YES

I say YES

To embodied knowing that the medicine is out to gift me not to get me

I say YES

And surrender the anger that I have carried about what I think the medicine has cost me

Acknowledging that cost and detriment are not the same

I say YES

And open to living and knowing that the medicine isn't designed to separate me from my beloveds but to move us closer

I say YES

To walking the line of love and abundance that shifts the spaces in me where I either harden my heart to others or abandon myself, to a place where I honor myself , the divine order of things, and my connection to the whole

I say YES

To truth with a capital T. Truth that when spoken demands a moment of silence. Truth that sometimes makes us quake. Truth that is inclusive and expansive. Truth that won’t let go of me, that is required for deep relationship with the world. Truth that comes with freedom.

I say YES

To the ways that Oya moves through my life teaching me in every moment about death and rebirth, and gentle and swift

I say YES

To living out loud, learning in public. Not sharing everything with everyone but not hiding either, knowing that we are only as free as our secrets.

I say YES

To love for myself, with another, with community, and a love that expands to all things. A love that reveals the essence of things, that opens the doorway wider to the mysteries of life.

I am Wind Warrior

I am the promise of forgiveness and reconciliation in the world

And all of me says YES

When I first wrote this two years ago I thought I was saying yes to the world out there. I thought I was finally coming out of my shell more in service to others but my grandfathers words brought me back home. Now I realize all of these yes's are and have always been for me. Moving me even more from a have to, to a get to.


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