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Learning & Growing Community

What does it mean to be in community with each other? I have been steeped in this question. Maybe all my life but especially now as I am reimagining the larger Fire & Water community. This will be the first cohort that I will hold without Tenneson, this in itself requires a reimagining. And this is our 4th cohort. I say our because F&W currently has about 50 alum who are a part of our community.

What does it mean to create different levels of opportunity to show up together? What does it mean to continue to be a community that is learning and growing together. Below is some of what I am learning.

  • It’s important to make time for connection, one-to-one, small group, and the all of us.

  • Systems have to be put in place for the community to hold the community, it can’t just be one or two people (we all want to know that we can contribute).

  • We have to celebrate successes with each other, and hold each other in our grief.

  • We can’t avoid tough discussions.

  • We we have wounded each other we need to apologize, offer some compassion, and lean back in.

  • We each are responsible for continuing to lean in to our own healing work.

  • There has to be room for each persons unique genius .

As I’m getting ready to open up applications August 1st for our next cohort I am reminded to start in community. Once we choose the applicants we will interview they will be added into our online platform so they can start to get to know the other people who are also considering this journey. This is to support all of us in our discernment. We will hold individual interviews as well as group interviews. This is a journey that each of us walks alone, side by side with others. Once we have our cohort we will hold a meet and greet with alum to welcome them into the community. It’s good to know that we belong to something bigger than ourselves from the very beginning. And when they complete the journey we will invite alum to come and celebrate with us.

I’m sure I/we will continue to learn more and I think we are doing well to still be in community since 2019.


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