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Learning & Growing Me

It's been a while since I posted. I have been quite full, working with wonderful people in various organizations over the past couple of weeks and I have been learning lots. This week Tenneson and I have been in Chicago working with a client. We drive back to Ohio today. I have am hosting a Dagara session on Earth tonight and tomorrow we will hold the last two sessions of our Wisdom Series on Initiation. Life is full.

Part of what I have been learning is this:

  • My softness is my strength. Jojopah used to say this to me all the time and I think I'm finally starting to get it. Often I have learned it in the places where I have started with my toughness outside and my softness inside and then I switch it and get to feel the difference. Learning to lead more with my softness can be a very vulnerable place that opens up some doors that can't be open any other way.

  • I am getting clearer about the work that is mine and ours (Tenneson and I) to do. As more and more request come in I/we have to know what is most important to me and what support those things. I'm getting clear about structures that are needed and people who can help.

  • Move more towards what I love. There are things that I am called to do, things that I can't not do. While moving toward these things pour love all over it. Look for the love. In the people. In the places. In the work. In the play. Even in the rest.

  • I get to do this. So often I have held this work with a I have to do this attitude and have carried it like a burden at times. I am now learning how to move from the have to to the get to. I am moving more into the gratitude of what this life has offered me and in this process dive deep into what's infant of me.

Well this is just a bit for now. In the past three days I have gotten to work with some wonderful people in Chicago. I got to have dinner with two of our Fire & Water peeps and a woman that I met for the first time. I got to see Wicked and I got to do all of these things with my best friend. Life is good.


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So I love that you are sharing your learnings about the ongoing process of becoming. I am currently working on diving more deeply into the old feelings from early days of trauma. I've spent a lifetime working to be competent (and to be good) so those feelings would not take me over. (Adolescence was a scary time. I survived because I fought for my right to "be." The person who convinced me not to take my life was my youth pastor ... continuing the "story" that a kind and loving man was the one who stepped forward to support me, walk alongside me.) That, and I stood steadfast in my faith in a loving God who wanted me to be…

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