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Love is a Heroine's Journey

“Love is a hero’s journey, and the hero’s journey is a noble but difficult path.”
-Marianne Williamson

Years ago I remembered someone from another lifetime. It was a person that I had known at that time for almost a year. We were talking and I experienced what I would call a jump in time. I was taken to this small house and there we were. He was my husband. In that moment I could feel his deep love for me. I could feel what it felt like to be loved like that. It lasted for what felt like 10 minutes but was probably closer to 10 seconds. This moment changed me forever. This man wasn’t my husband in this lifetime and this memory made it clear to me that the man that was my husband didn’t feel this way about me.

I’ve heard that the one thing that never dies is love but no one tells you what to do when it shows up in this lifetime. When it first happened I was confused, mad, enchanted, and a little bit scared. I would tell him later how grateful I was because some people go their whole lives and never know what it feels like to be loved like that. I know now, I can recognize it now.

In Marianne Williamson’s book Enchanted Love she writes, “When pure love shows up it burns away everything that blocks us from God.” This is my experience of love. When it shows up it has a transformative quality to it. Burning away what blocks us from God isn’t always easy but it is compelling.

"Sacred romance is a call of the soul, a bid for life in spite of it all. It is nothing less than an assignment from God. “I have chosen someone to heal you,” He says, “ I have chosen someone for you to heal. Enter the temple and expose your wounds. Be not afraid. My spirit will heal both of you. Together you shall receive new life.”

-Marrianne Williamson

Pure love is this for me. It transforms my life everyday in big and small ways. It challenges me to be better, to surrender more to the divine order of things. To step more into the truth of who I really am. To love myself, my partner, and the rest of the world more everyday.


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