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Puzzle Pieces

Today I'm going to share puzzle pieces of something that is working me right now. Instead of piecing it together I'm going to let you connect your own pieces. Here goes...

The imaginal heart

James Hillman writes about the imaginal heart. He writes about how we can’t even have an emotion for something without first being able to imagine it.

“We are in an imagination battle.”

-Terry Marshall

"If you are someone who benefits from the current power systems then it really behoves you to imagine the world that way. When there is no logic that’s when you know you are in someone else’s dream." -adrienne maree brown

We forget that our systems are us. We forget that the systems we are a part of can never be places of love, peace, and equity if we each individually aren’t practicing those things ourselves. That's how fractals work.

How do we each find Liberation through love and imagination?

“Power without love is reckless and abusive, and love without power is sentimental and anemic. Power at its best is love implementing the demands of justice, and justice at its best is power correcting everything that stands against love.” Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

I was with a group of people for a couple of days about 10 years ago. We have gathered from around the world to discuss issues around community. Someone asked, “What is the one small moment that we could do to restore community?” Someone answered that we should cancel everybody’s insurance.nShe went on to say that before we had insurance we had neighbors. If your house burned down the community showed up and helped to build you a new one. If you were sick your neighbors brought you soup.

Nothing needs to be wasted.

Nothing belongs to you, not even your own story.

When something breaks down in our communities it’s a sign that it needs nourishing

Vitality is knowing that life has a life of its own and being able to listen to the timing of beginnings and endings. Vitality is not trying to force our will onto things because of our own fear of death and dying. But being able to listen deep enough to hear the rhythms of the universal.

"Supremacy is our ongoing pandemic, it partners with every other sickness to tear us from life or from lives worth living." -adrienne maree brown

Have fun putting the pieces together . 😊

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Not sure I know how to piece together a puzzle like this. I do know that breathing and listening are vital, the ground of everything that speaks to me of joy and aliveness. I also know that "being with everything" requires that I am willing to sit with what troubles me, what stirs the anxiety in my belly, what threatens to steal the aliveness in me. Sometimes, it requires not knowing anything as I enter into the question but trusting that I will know what I need to know in this moment. At the moment, trusting myself to trust the moment is big.

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