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Road Tripping & Good Grief?

Yesterday I was on the road. I told a friend that I was roadtripping and grieving everything under the sun. 😂

In times like this for me when the grieve is so close to the surface I often go into prayer. I pray to stay in it. I pray not to turn away. I pray to stay long enough to receive the gifts it is trying to offer me.

When I say I was grieving everything under the sun I mean that my grief didn’t seem to have a rhyme or reason. I was grieving about things present day. I was grieving about things long ago. I was grieving about who I use to be and who I am now. I was grieving about who I didn’t have the strength to be with the people I love in the past and about the strength that is being called of me now with the people that I love and with people I hardly know.

I was grieving mine, our, individual and collective inability to stand in the truth. Mine, our inability to greet the world with our vulnerability first and to stand in the knowing that we have the internal fortitude to be sustained in those sacred moments.

I was grieving because we live in such a fire culture that is so out of control that the healing waters, the tears are so needed now. It is what brings the fire back into balance.

I was grieving because there is such a tremendous cost to living a conscious life. I was grieving because I said yes.


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