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Second Moon - Honor the Truth

Second Moon Cycle

This moon is known as the Wisdom Keeper. This moon is the protector of sacred traditions. The keeper of the stone libraries and the earth’s history. The guardian of “the remembering” and the Art of Memory. The Mother of friendship, Planetary Unity, and Mutual Understanding.

She teaches us…

The art of self development and expansion. Planetary memory, personal recall, and ancient wisdom and knowledge. How to be a friend and restore friendship by honoring the viewpoints of all life forms.

This moon helps us to learn how to HONOR THE TRUTH

- Jamie Sams, The 13 Original Clan Mothers

I have been sitting in the medicine of this moon cycle for the past week. I have been thinking about how we as a culture struggle with the truth. I recently shared a truth with a community that I am a part of and I was struck by the different responses. First, I’m curious about what honoring the truth means. I think living in a culture that tells us that you have your truth and I have my truth can have us believe that there is no ultimate truth. This stance has us othering each other, it has us in an either/or instead of a both/and, instead of honoring that the TRUTH (with a capital T) includes all viewpoints as a part of the whole.

In the community that I spoke of I shared that a member of our community withheld a piece of the truth from me for an extended period of time. I shared that I felt angry, sad, and disappointed. I know that we can only be as truthful with others to extent we are willing and able to be truthful with ourselves. In these moments our community is supposed to remind of of who we are, because we all forget sometimes. I shared that I believe we have all withheld the truth from someone. It a part of what it means to be human. In communities, like in families, the individuals hold a piece for the whole. This moment gives us all an opportunity to turn inward and heal the part of ourselves that is still untrustworthy.

Okay, back to what struck me. There were some people who took my willingness to name that this person didn’t tell me the truth as me disparaging his character. This is fascinating to me because if just naming the truth means that the namer is seen as doing something wrong we are really in trouble as a people. I am clear that being human means we all screw up from time to time and when this happens the grown-assed thing to do is to acknowledge the wrongdoing, apologize and take responsibility for what you did. This person didn’t do this and no one in the community was willing to speak this out loud. I say it this way because some people have shared with me since that they were feeling this during our time together.

Back to this moon and what medicine this has for us, HONOR THE TRUTH. Honoring the truth requires courage. It require us to be able to speak hard things, to hear hard things and to hold our loved ones to an expectation of being their highest self maybe especially when they have forgot the truth of who they really are. We need each other to be able to see ourselves. I once said that I need you to see me. Then I had to explain that I don’t need YOU to see me. I need you so that I can SEE ME. This is the job of community.


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