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Soup Week

It’s been a week of soups. So far this week I have made Broccoli and Cheddar, Beet, African Peanut, and today Onion, Lintel Soup.

I’m not sure all of what has called this up in me. I think it has something to do with my son being home for the summer. Something to do with me being an empty nester and learning how to cook for just me.

  • Two trips to the farmers market

  • Lot of different ingredients

  • Nourishment for now and some in the freezer for later

A recipe from online,

from a friend,

from Hope Springs Cookbook,

and one improvised by me

The learning journey started right away, hand picking each ingredient at the farmers market, noticing that all sweet potatoes aren't the same. Preparing the soup has been reminding me that it's okay to let some ingredients simmer for a long time and to include others at the last minute. Reminding me to be patient, each soup is ready in its own time. Giving me a chance to slow down and savor each spoonful. Everything is better with a bit of spice.

Complex and simple all at the same time.

Soup = more than the sum of it’s parts

Soup warms the body, the heart, and the soul.

Tomorrow I think I will make some Brussel Spout Soup, yum!


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