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The Both/And

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

Some of you know how much I love my gym. Its more than a gym, its a club with lots of things but that’s a story for another time. This post is about this morning and my experience sitting in the hot tub with a friend as it was pouring down raining.

I was noticing the both/and experience of it. First I should say that this wasn’t just sprinkles, it was a full on down pour. I was stuck by and excite to be in the company of two other people who didn’t get up to run for cover but stayed and enjoyed that experience of sitting in the hot tub in the rain. We were soaking it up (no pun intended). I noticed how the cold of the rain balanced the hot of the tub and the hot of the tub balanced the cold of the rain. There were several moments where I closed my eyes, arms stretched out, palms and face up to the sky in gratitude for the moment of life we were sharing together.

I also wonder how this experience of the both/and might have some lessons for me in other parts of my life? Parts where I am afraid to bring the both and together or don’t know how yet.

The Both Add


Hot and Cold

Wet and Wet

Bathe me in your beauty

Let me/we soak up this moment

Honoring the gift that this is

Teaching us about the sacred

Holding us in the both/and

Loving us through this sensual experience

Reminding us that we are indeed both

Hot and Cold

Divine and Human

by Quanita Roberson


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Yesterday was a literal day of balance in that the sun rose at 6:51am and set at 6:51pm. Exactly 12 hours of daytime and 12 hours of night. It felt like a day of balance offered by nature, not the calendar.

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