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The Water You Drink

I was listening to The Time of the Feminine podcast today. Lauren & Shaina were talking with Marisa Mienowska. Marisa is a wonderful healer.

While I was listening one of the things she talked about was how disconnected we are from the earth. She went on to ask if we even knew where our tap water comes from? She said we are so disconnected with the earth we live on that we don’t even know where the water we drink comes from. Wow!

So I looked mine up even though I thought I knew (my dad worked at the Cincinnati Water Works when I was young) but I looked anyway.

It turns out I was half right. This is what I found.

Where Does My Water Come From?

Greater Cincinnati Water Works supplies water from two sources:

  • The Miller Treatment Plant treats surface water from the Ohio River and supplies 88% of drinking water to GCWW's customers, including most of the City of Cincinnati.

  • The Bolton Treatment Plant treats groundwater from thirteen wells in the Great Miami Aquifer. It is located in southern Butler County. Our aquifer (buried sand and gravel filled with water) is 150-200 feet deep and 2 miles wide. Bolton Plant supplies about 12% of GCWW water.

So this morning I offer you this challenge. Where does you water come from? And, if you are in the same area as I am don’t just use my answer, go hunt for it yourself.


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