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Walls & Boundaries

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

Walls & Boundaries

I’m in a place in my life where I am learning once again about healthy boundaries, not walls but boundaries.

Walls are hard and lock you in as you lock others out. Walls come from fear.

Boundaries are firm and loving all at the same time.

I have lived my life with both. When I was younger (which includes last year) I often mistook walls for boundaries or boundaries for walls.

I didn’t understand that the walls I build enslaved me more than protected me.

I didn’t know how the presence of walls and the absence of boundaries both kept me from receiving the love that I so desired in my life.

I didn’t understand that the presence of walls and the absence of boundaries were both rooted in fear.

And as long as they were present in my life the lack of love for self that they reflected would always lead me to a broken heart even though they were designed to protect.


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Beautiful. AND you have taught me so well that boundaries mean I am loving me. Mwah my sister.

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