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Charlottesville, Virginia

I haven’t said anything about Charlottesville, Virginia. 1st because I didn’t know it happened until today. I have been traveling and don’t watch much television. 2nd because after I heard I didn’t want to be another person that comes out and says, “we need to come together and stand against those people over there”. Instead, what I want to say, what I have been saying in lots of ways in lots of places is this:

Until we really understand that it’s not the hatred outside of us but the hatred inside of us that is calling to be healed we will keep adding fuel to the fire. Of course it will sound like cries for peace and justice but it will still be violence aimed at another, just in different clothing. Violence feeds on our fight, it takes energy from us and converts it into fuel for itself. We only believe this is what is called for when we forget that we not only belong to each other but we are each other. I am that person who plowed through the crowd. Of course mine may have looked like cutting someone off in traffic but it still was a reflection none the less. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting that they are the same thing, I’m just saying that they both use the same justification for not seeing the other. Transformational healing doesn’t require us to go out it requires us to go the hell in.

As Caroline Myss has said, “We are a country stuck in the revolution” and if we don’t wake up it will be the end of us. It’s smoke and mirrors folks and we are falling for it. We think that our job is to revolt against instead of standing for. We are always more power-full when we are standing for something rather than standing against something. It is time to move from the revolution into the envolution. It is time to heal ourselves and in doing so we will be able to witness the healing of our families, our communities, and our country because we not only belong to each other we are each other.

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