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Flowgame, Church?

Last month Tenneson Woolf and I hosted a Flow game. We call it church. This is a game that is designed to use the wisdom of the group. It feeds each person in going deeper and deeper into a question, individually and/or collectively. Each person offers up a question as food for the game. The question that I brought into this game was:

“What does this leap of growth require of me and what discernment is need now?”

During the game each person rolls a die that will then tell them what deck of cards to pull from, there are six decks. Each deck contributes to a different aspect of your question.

  1. East: Vision

  2. South: Community

  3. West: Action

  4. North: Leadership

  5. Heaven: Aspirations and powers greater than we are

  6. Earth: The foundation that we stand on

Each card has either a picture, or a question on it , and some are blank. During this particular game we collectively drew four Heaven cards and one west card


Who and what do you serve?

What is sacred to you?

What helps you to be in the now?

What is your cry to heaven?


How do you deal with your limitations?

I can find treasure in each of these cards for my question. That is the power of community. That is what it means to be connected. In some way each persons initial question could have or has been mine as well. We each offered our own wisdom to the person who pulled the card. Not, advice but wisdom. I think of wisdom as a gift. It's an offering. To me the sharing of wisdom is ritual. The sharing of wisdom is sacred. The sharing of wisdom is church at its best.

You get to see something from a perspective you might not have been able to see before. A part of yourself that was hidden before that moment. A part of growing fully into ourselves is being able to integrate more and more perspectives in our view of the truth. It's being able to hold more and more complexity with a light touch. More perspective = greater choice, greater choice = more personal power.

This was interdependence in action. If this isn't church I don't know what is.


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1 Comment

Tenneson Woolf
Tenneson Woolf
Jul 05, 2022

Indeed! Interdependence in action. And love of the question. And love of the journey. And love of the people. Church!

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