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Our Family Cars

Since my children have been born I have had a Saturn (Regan), a Honda Odyssey (Maya), a Jeep (Libby), and now a Subaru Forester (Triton).

I have been thinking about how these vehicles have carried us and our stuff through life. Here are some of the places and things that are present with me today.

  • Bringing Jacob home from the hospital

  • Visiting grandparents in Cincinnati, Columbus, Kentucky, and Illinois

  • Public Allies office

  • To Arlett for preschool

  • Hope Springs Institute

  • Steve’s mom’s funeral

  • Bringing Makayla home from the hospital

  • To North Avondale Montessori (elementary)

  • Carseats, boosters, seat belts (Yea!)

  • My office downtown

  • Disney

  • To Sands Montessori (elementary)

  • Swapped cars for a week with the Hutchinson-Smyth family for several years, so they could volunteer in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina

  • Soccer cleats and dance shoes in the back

  • Soccer games and dance practice

  • Hula hoops & Stilts, unicycles, diablos, and juggling pins in the back

  • Moving stuff from one house to another

  • My mom’s funeral

  • Swim meets

  • Towels and wet swim suits,

  • Pajamas for late night at the pool

  • Red River Gorge

  • To the gym and the pool

  • Family and friends houses

  • Collaborative divorce lawyers offices

  • Trips to the courthouse

  • Back and forth from their dads house and mine after the divorce

  • To Clark Montessori (Jr & Sr High School)

  • Ukuleles, melodica, guitars, and steel drums

  • Doctors appointments

  • Jacob’s Covid caravan graduation

  • Taking Jacob to Earlham College for a visit

  • Taking Jacob to Earlham College and leaving him there his freshman year

  • Hocking Hills

  • Makayla’s graduation

  • Picking Jacob up for the airport when he came home from Spain

  • Lots of going to and from the airport, for trips and to pick up friends

These things tell a story about our lives. They are place holders for our memories. These cars have held and carried me and my babies through life. Where have your cars taken you?


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3 comentários

Tenneson Woolf
Tenneson Woolf
02 de ago. de 2022

Fun. In reverse order: Rav 4 (Sophia) -- trips to Canada; Honda Accord (Bessy) -- All of the kid years; the Honda was a 1999; Honda Odyssey -- dance recitals, trips to Canada, karate class, school driving pool. And a few others...


miriam mck
miriam mck
02 de ago. de 2022

places i want to go like target and places i need to go like spring grove


Mostly, my cars have taken me to the mountains. Sometimes for a day trip. Sometimes so I can greet the sunrise at 14,000 feet. Sometimes, so I can gain the perspective only achieved with the view from the top of a mountain.

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